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Jan Kath

About Jan Kath

Jan Kath (1972) is one of the world’s leading textile designers. The man from the German mining town of Bochum knows like no other how to merge the classical elements from the East with modernism from the West. His fascination for hand-knotted carpets comes from his family background: two generations before him were already active in the carpet trade. Another characteristic is the use of photo-realistic motifs, which Jan Kath, together with the traditional weavers from Nepal and Tibet, further perfects.

Materials and quality

Due to the use of pure materials and the manufacture by artisans, who work exclusively according to local traditions, each rug has its own unique character. The main material of all collections is Tibetan Highland wool, one of the best quality wools in the world. And other natural materials, including silk and nettle with a knot density of between 100 and 450 knots in every 6.45 square centimeters. In terms of size, format and materials, the carpets can be made according to individual wishes. Fair payment and good working conditions are a matter of course for Jan Kath. Together with the STEP label, they are fully committed to complying with strict social and ecological standards in the production of carpets.


His hand-knotted rugs are highly appreciated internationally; from the Royal Palaces in Saudi Arabia to the White House in Washington and from the suites of Hotel The Four Seasons to the villas of pop stars. Due to the modular structure of the collection, all rugs can also be combined well.

Are you looking for a true eye-catcher on the floor, then we would like to welcome you to our showroom in Amstelveen, where we present numerous Jan Kath rugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Jan Kath carpets?

At Co van der Horst you will find an extensive range of the collections of Jan Kath. Co van der Horst has specially set up a Shop-in-Shop for the carpet collections of Jan Kath, unique in the Netherlands! You can view the collections Spectrum, Artwork, Erased Heritage, Grass and From Russia with Love in our Boutique Concept Store. You can also contact Co van der Horst for inspiration or advice from one of our Brand Ambassadors from Jan Kath.

What are Jan Kath’s sales points?

Co van der Horst is an official dealer of Jan Kath and in our Boutique Concept Store you will find a large and wide range of the Luxury German carpets brand.

What are the options for a Jan Kath carpet?

A Jan Kath carpet is a unique (heirloom) piece. Discover the possibilities of how all Jan Kath rugs can be customized in material, size, colour, design and quality. Plan an appointment online at Co van der Horst or call the store and let our Textile advisors help you. Co van der Horst strives to provide the best service and tailor-made advice.



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