Perletta Brand Studio

Perletta is a Dutch company with worldly influences. In doing so, originality, authenticity and traditional craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Perletta, with which Co van der Horst likes to identify. Because of the custom made designs, Perletta is able to meet the wishes of our customers in every way. Colors, materials, textures and sizes; local craftsmanship makes the possibilities endless. Handmade rugs from Perletta therefore fit into both classic and modern interiors.

The varied collection can be found in our special Perletta Brand Studio, where you can experience the craftsmanship for yourself. Feel the structures of wool, woven on jute thread or treat your eyes to the beautiful color mixes and special shapes.

For advice regarding Perletta rugs and more information about their collections, simply schedule an appointment with one of our experts via our website.

Handwoven rugs

Skill, craft and natural materials are hallmarks of our hand-woven rugs. Playing with the thickness of the yarn, spacing and color of the warp threads creates a multitude of textural possibilities. In addition, these sporty rugs are available in 36 modern colors and are an eye-catcher in any interior.

Tufted rugs

Do you want to add luxury to your interior? Then our tufted rugs are for you! By using beautiful materials such as New Zealand wool & eucalyptus, these rugs get a high-quality look. These rugs can be made in any size and desired shape.

Fade rugs

A sophisticated play of colors creates a surprising effect. The design consists of several colorways that flow into each other, creating a simple rhythm. Each track consists of a very carefully selected mix of colors. Each design incorporates colors from a specific color group. Because of the structure from light to dark and the combination of various colors, these rugs fit into almost any interior.



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