Romo is a British family company, founded in 1902 by Robert Mold, where today the fifth generation is in the drivers seat. Started as a small-scale furniture production company in Nottingham, The Romo Group is now a world-leading company focused on designing and producing furniture fabrics. Romo not only goes beyond all borders, but is also – thanks to their excellent stock policy – the most efficient in the industry. This, together with a broad and high-quality collection, makes Romo a very beloved partner of Co van der Horst. Next to that, The Romo Group has a very good relationship with specialized weaving mills and textile printing companies, which contribute to the collections in their own way. Co van der Horst selected a few for the “premium brand collection”. This concerns the Black Edition, the most exclusive brand, which is compiled by exceptional designers and artists, such as Jessica Zoob. We also chose the glamorous Zinc, which is based on the ’80s. Of course the essential basics of Kirkby Design and finally the elegant Mark Alexander with its foggy colors and dull designs. Hereby we cordially invite you to come and see the interior and furniture fabrics of The Romo Group with us.



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    With a showroom of 10,000 m2 over five floors, Co van der Horst can provide any style of living. From a small make-over to the restyling of a complete house. Translating ideas into design is a profession. Our talented interior designers are ready and give expression to every wish.

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