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Co van der Horst has a special working relationship with Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto the designer duo for Milanese-based Studiopepe, which was recently pronounced one of the most trendsetting designers by the Wall Street Journal.

For Co van der Horst they made the design for ‘Anti Camera’; a signature presentation that meets with the principles of the Co Avant-Garde Dept.: being at the forefront of interior and design.


The ‘anti-camera’ is the environment that precedes all other rooms, designed to welcome those who enter an apartment or private room.

/an-ti-cà-me-ra/ is the first acquaintance with the new Avant-Garde Department and finds its inspiration in the Milanese entrance halls, a good example of the use of colour, forms and materials that evoke strong emotional reactions.

The project is structured like a homely space, a sequence of rooms where iconic furniture pieces come together in subtle harmony, creating sheer curiosity for exploring the other rooms.

One of the most outspoken elements of the space is a contemporary translation by Palladiana: a play of inlays and inserts of stones and marbles by Solid Nature creates an optically distorted perspective effect in a maxi-scale pattern in which geometric forms co-exist with irregular lines and figurative elements.

Italian brands such as Arflex and Baxter and also the hand-woven carpets by cc-tapis and some custom-made products by Studiopepe, designed for Co van der Horst, are mixed with the raw materials and elegant lines of Christophe Delcourt and the sculptural artisan objects of Van Rossum.


‘The Wiemer-Collection is a special collection of interior objects that we had designed by Studiopepe and were produced in collaboration with Solidnature.

One definition of Wiemer is ‘famous friend’. The Wiemer Collection is primarily an homage to Loes van der Horst -Wiemer.(1939-1991). The first interior object from this collection was presented at Club Unseen during the Salone Del Mobili Milano 2018. The table is a unique mix of material, form, colour and texture.


After the successful collaboration for ‘Avant-Garde Dept’, one of the most trail-blazing presentations by Co van der Horst, and the introduction of the Wiemer table collection in Milan, Co van der Horst, in collaboration with Studiopepe now presents a ‘home textiles’ collection.

T A R A T T A T Á is an innovative collection of cushions, throws and hassocks. Outspoken, intensive, neutral colours and geometric experiments.

The name given to the collection is a word without specific meaning. It is an onomatopoeia that gives expression to a feeling of surprise and freedom, thus reflecting the collection.



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