Co van der Horst since 1905

Almost 120 years of experience, professionalism and passion in this family-run business define the character of Co van der Horst. Great-grandfather Co van der Horst started out in household textiles in 1905. Now, the fourth generation is at the helm of the Boutique Concept Store.

Co van der Horst is purveyor to the Dutch Royal Household and is connected with well-known names in design and exclusive niche brands.

Lighting, fabrics, furniture, home-robotics, flooring, fireplaces, home accessories and much more international, ground-breaking elite design. Co van der Horst brings design icons from across the globe together.

Our unique story, for you

Co van der Horst: that is our great-grandfather’s name. A friendly face, a dashing bowtie, a waistcoat and dark trousers and a pair of wooden clogs. He set out with his backpack as a travelling salesman. Once business bloomed, he replaced the backpack with a dogcart and later again with a horse-drawn cart.

Co van der Horst was known in all of Amstelveen (back then it was still called Nieuwer-Amstel) and beyond and his wares were mainly household textiles and related products. When he first started in 1905, he had no idea he was laying the foundations for a family-run company that would still bear his name more than a century on.

From cart to store

The boy in the photograph is Co’s son, Jacobus van der Horst. He, together with his brothers Gerrit and Henny, took over the business from his father in 1941. By then, you see, they had their own store on the Dorpsstraat in Amstelveen, in the former poorhouse. The brothers not only sold draperies there, but furniture, beds, carpets and related products as well.

From an early age

The family line continued. Jacobus bought out his brothers and his eldest son Cees van der Horst joined the company in 1962. Cees had been helping out in the upholstery department since the early age of thirteen and took over the day-to-day running of the store, together with his brother Ad and his wife Loes Wiemer. And the store meanwhile continued to grow, until by the end of the nineteen sixties it had clearly outgrown the beautiful premises on the Dorpsstraat. They solved this in part by erecting giant tents on Plein 1960 every year. Together with other partners they would hold a furniture show called Huis en Tuin (Homes and Gardens). It would take until 1972 for Co van der Horst to move to its current location in a building – we like to keep it in the family – that was designed by uncle Rob van der Horst.

Purveyor to the Royal Household and Dutch Design

Decades on, much has happened. The fourth generation of Van der Horsts is now at the helm; Stephan and Edwin van der Horst.

On our one hundredth anniversary we became proud Purveyors to the Dutch Royal Household, our store was expanded to thousands of square metres, we were honoured to welcome numerous greats from the world of design, Marcel Wanders put his name to a unique design of – wait for it – our lavatories, but the best thing of all, we continued to inspire many clients, who, just like you, love characteristic interiors.

We do not often take a moment to reflect on Co van der Horst’s extraordinary history, but when we do, we are filled with pride. It is truly beautiful that what once started with one entrepreneurial man in 1905, still exists today and is being run by his great grandchildren. And textiles, where it all began, have retained their own special place in our Home Couture; a unique collection of upholstery and curtain fabrics. From that point of view not so very much has actually changed.



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