Home living styles by Co van der Horst

With a showroom of nearly 10,000 square meters over five floors, Co van der Horst can provide any living style. From classic, modern to futuristic.

Avant-garde dept.

The French word avant-garde literally means vanguard, originally referring to a group of soldiers being sent forward. At the end of the 19th century, the concept took on a new appearance, emphasizing design rather than original meaning. The Avant-garde Department is trendsetting in terms of style, but also in terms of material use, color and durability.

Dutch Design

On our first floor you will find the Dutch Design House. It boasts creations by established names, but we also provide room for new, talented Dutch designers.

Co Luxury

The highest quality in material, detail and comfort. Luxury is not just something precious. The way the product is made, the material, the details and the comfort together make it valuable with a luxurious feel.

Home Couture

The roots of our family-run company: textiles. Co van der Horst had already compiled a high-quality collection of fabrics in 1905. Today the size of our collection is unrivalled and has been extended to curtain and upholstery fabrics, awnings and blinds, wallpaper, carpets and rugs, and paint.

Italian Design

Italy is the ultimate country in design. Elegant, sophisticated and classical and authentic, as well. The Italian design department boasts the most influential brands. Icons that are inextricably linked to Italian design.


Lighting, invisibly installed or consciously materialised, injects expression into your interior. Ambiance from a light plan that is preferably considered in the first design stage.



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