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Dutch Design House

On our first floor you will find the Dutch Design House. It boasts creations by established names but we also provide room for new, talented Dutch designers.

Always the latest collections which include Arco, Gelderland, Imperfect Design, Montis, Label, Pastoe, Pilat&Pilat, Linteloo, Design of the Times and Van Rossum.

In two concept presentations we demonstrate the applicability of Dutch Design in style and craftsmanship; the Loft and Kamer&Suite.

For the Loft we stripped the room back down to its nineteen seventies shell. A high ceiling, rough surfaces and concrete. This style can also be realised in new builds. In the United States it is known as ‘new loft’ or ‘soft loft’.

Together with our partner Ewald Bosgoed we opted for a fireplace as a room divider, with a robust, steel casing. We completed the look with large furniture, whilst maintaining space and transparency. Material such as steel, wood, leather and glass complement the style.

The Kamer&Suite is a modern take on the typical front and back room from the nineteen thirties. The style is characterised by clean moulding and flush panelling which allows it to be created in modern houses as well.

Partner Soares Parket laid a sleek floor with broad, white parts of oak wood, giving the room a contemporary feel.




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    With a showroom of 10,000 m2 over five floors, Co van der Horst can provide any style of living. From a small make-over to the restyling of a complete house. Translating ideas into design is a profession. Our talented interior designers are ready and give expression to every wish.

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