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Take it from us: with advice from a good stylist, your interior can actually become even more personal. At the very least, an interior stylist can help you to think about your taste and preferences and what you consider important. An interior stylist knows what to ask and can use his/her knowledge and experience to give you handy tips about using of space, colours and sightlines to their best advantage. They often suggest something you would never have thought of yourself.

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Take buying a new sofa, for example. Your old sofa has had its own place in the living room for years. Your first instinct is to put the new one in exactly the same spot. An interior stylist can look at your room from a new angle and may suggest a sofa in a bright new colour or a different position, so that you feel as if you’ve got a brand new living room. And if you’re planning to restyle your entire house, the number of choices can be overwhelming. Our stylists will oversee the process and make sure that everything, from carpets, curtains and furniture to lighting, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, is exactly to your taste and requirements. And as we can provide everything under one roof, you only have to deal with one specialist.

Interior advice: how it works

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Interior advice always involves a floor plan, often one you have provided. If you do not have a floor plan, we will come to your home and take all the measurements. Plans for the colours, fabrics, lighting and styling, and the perspective, will be drawn up after consulting with you.

Once you have spoken to an interior designer in the shop, we usually come to see the location, particularly if you want extensive advice. We like to test the waters, see and feel the house, see how the natural light works… This makes our consultations more personal and better geared to you and your home.

Our advisors and architects speak from experience and have a passion for their profession. That’s why they work for Co. Our best advice? Choose inspiring interior advice from Amstelveen – choose the stylists from Co van der Horst.

Independent building coordinator

Are you building a new house or are you about to have extensive renovations on your current home? Then you need more than just interior advice. Anyone who has been through a renovation or had a new house built will know that these things are a drain on your time, energy and sometimes even your sanity. Even if you outsource the entire job, it’s still a good idea to have someone who knows the business to represent your interests. This not only makes you a competent discussion partner for the contractor, but also ensures that all the work is properly coordinated, that problems are solved without you having to get involved, and that you keep tabs on what is possible and what is reasonable. An independent building coordinator takes care of all the worry for you. Ask us for details.
Our advisors and architects
Learn more about the style of our interior advisors and interior designers by looking at their Pinterest boards. Feel free to call them for advice.

Andre Lammertsma | interieurarchitect | Telefoon: 020-4260735 | Mail: andre@vanderhorst.nl

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Bob van Zonneveld | interieurdesigner | Telefoon: 020-6412505 | Mail: bob@vanderhorst.nl

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Cynthia de Graaf | interieurstylist | Telefoon: 020-4260740 | Mail: cynthia@vanderhorst.nl

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Esther Oosterling | | Telefoon: 020-6412505 | Mail: esther@vanderhorst.nl

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Jacqueline Denissen-Mei | interieurdesigner | Telefoon: 020-4260733 | Mail: jdm@vanderhorst.nl

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Jacqueline van Gogh-Hesselmann | interieurdesigner | Telefoon: 020-4260742 | Mail: jacqueline@vanderhorst.nl

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Joyce Niesten | interieurdesigner | Telefoon: 020-4260743 | Mail: joyce@vanderhorst.nl

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Jos Sleven | interieurdesigner | Telefoon: 020-4260741 | Mail: joss@vanderhorst.nl

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Marlous Schuerman | interieurdesigner | Telefoon: 020-6412505 | Mail: marlous@vanderhorst.nl

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Milou Honders | interieurdesigner | Telefoon: 020-4260748 | Mail: milou@vanderhorst.nl

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Miryam Muller | interieurarchitect | Telefoon: 020-4260749 | Mail: miryam@vanderhorst.nl

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Nanno van der Poel | interieurdesigner/slaapspecialist | Telefoon: 020-4260738 | Mail: nanno@vanderhorst.nl

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Renée Geers | stylist | Telefoon: 020-6412505 | Mail: renee@vanderhorst.nl

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Rijk van de Pol | interieurdesigner | Telefoon: 020-4260745 | Mail: rijk@vanderhorst.nl

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Vikki Lefeber | junior lightdesigner | Telefoon: 020-6412505| Mail: vikki@vanderhorst.nl

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Wendy Gruter |  | Telefoon: 020-6412505 | Mail: wendy@vanderhorst.nl

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Ewald Bosgoed | openhaardenontwerpstudio | Telefoon: 020-6476547 | Mail: openhaarden@ewaldbosgoed.nl

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Erwin Schoonmade | flowers and wheels | Telefoon: 06-41313086 | Mail: info@flowersandwheels.nl

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