At Co van der Horst we may well call ourselves lighting experts. After all, we have the Light Experience: a unique, high-tech system that visualises different ambiances using 17 different scenes.

When you opt for our lighting advice, Co van der Horst will translate that into the perfect fittings and light sources. Together with an adviser we will create the exact atmosphere you have always been looking for. At Co van der Horst it is merely one flick of the switch away.

At Co van der Horst lighting advice is not limited to the decorative side of lighting, by the way. The technical aspects, such as installation, are also part of our advice. As light architects we know everything about colours, wattage and different light sources, as well.

An extensive light plan also entails:

  • Total support with internal electricians
  • One-off support with an external electrician
  • Light map and ambiance presentation
  • Plan of approach
  • Budget details

Lighting brands:

Artemide, Axis71, Baltensweiler, Bert | Frank, Brand van Egmond, Tom Dixons, Brokis, DeltaLight, Ferro, Marset and many other international names in lighting.

Light can be divided into three categories: basic light (used to see), accentuating light (to highlight something) and decorative light (for ambiance). This makes it interesting, yet at the same time more complex. Our lighting specialists match the infinite possibilities with our customers’ wishes.



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    With a showroom of 10,000 m2 over five floors, Co van der Horst can provide any style of living. From a small make-over to the restyling of a complete house. Translating ideas into design is a profession. Our talented interior designers are ready and give expression to every wish.

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