Delivery and installation

At Co van der Horst you can always count on our own logistical completion. We do not give our products to just anyone. We have our own lorries, our own drivers, our own installers. Our warehouse is right behind our store. That is important to us, because it keeps all of us in touch with what matters; the most beautiful interiors there are.

Whether you are the enthusiast who has chosen one interior product with great care, or whether you have enlisted our help for an entire interior; it makes no difference to us.

It goes without saying that we take care of professional (sea) transport and we deal with all the paperwork for you. Installation on location is no problem for us.

“We stand for perfect delivery and installation. Not only in The Netherlands, but across the globe, as well. We have had the privilege of designing beautiful interiors in such countries as Switzerland, France, the United States of America, Suriname, Rwanda, Singapore.”



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    With a showroom of 10,000 m2 over five floors, Co van der Horst can provide any style of living. From a small make-over to the restyling of a complete house. Translating ideas into design is a profession. Our talented interior designers are ready and give expression to every wish.

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